Is there an awareness pin for this too?

The weather has been delightful for a change, so ybab and I are making the most of it. We were at the park, and a ybab dominated the top of the slide like a 33 inch colossus. Some antsy pantsy older kid scrambled up behind her and started crowding her, and then he started whining and muttering. I was thinking “You little shit,” and I looked back at him and saw he was wearing a button that read “I’m not misbehaving. I have autism. Please be understanding.” Oh, oops. No arguing with that. But where can I get a helpful button for myself?

“I’m not disdaining you. I’m aloof and avoidant and afraid of you because you seem nice.”
“I really don’t recognize your face out of context. I would say hello if I realized I knew you.”
“Your parenting style makes me uncomfortable. I am not going to talk to you at all.”
“Your child is simply horrid. Would you like a paper bag and some rope for that?”

I’m imagining this working more like an L.E.D. belt buckle, I guess.

4 responses to “Is there an awareness pin for this too?”

  1. Sounds like a brilliant marketing idea to me. I’ll take one that reads: “I’m Nicer Than I Look, Just Don’t Be A Douche.”

  2. Sign me up for some of those sayings on tee-shirt or maybe we could make up some sashes ala beauty queens which could be swapped out as needed

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