What r u into???

I went to the library yesterday, and it seems that the Dewey Decimal Classification had been downgraded to a “fun suggestion.” Did I miss a state law? I could not find any of the books I sought. My life is the poorer due to my inability to locate “Let’s Sue Ourselves: A Guide to Dissuading Idiot Condo Association Members From Frivolous Lawsuits,” “Arson for Profit,” “How to Force Your Toddler to Eat,” and “So, You Can’t Remember What You Used to Enjoy Because You’ve Been Slogging Through Functional Depression For So Long.”

Oh, hell, I just have January! It is related to November in the DSM. I am going to knit the world’s longest scarf!

One response to “What r u into???”

  1. Once upon a time, I started knitting a scarf for my nephew, but I messed up on one stitch and now it is collecting dust and god knows what else under the couch. I’m sure my nephew doesn’t miss it. I will send him to the library to look up “Why Your Uncle Will Disavow You Until You Paint His Kitchen.”

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