February showers bring unpleasant trips to the parking lot

We still have no hot water, medical which the management company scribe keeps referring to as Hot Water. Without fail, sick this causes me to free associate to Hot Chocolate, which means I have to sing “I Believe in Miracles.” The same managing individual, continues the bizarre habit of placing commas between noun/verb pairs in every sentence. This malady, is catching.

Later today, Hot Water, was briefly restored, and then the pipes, exploded, raining Hot Water into the hallway next to my door. The fire alarms, went off when the pressure, dropped, which caused a ybab to imitate the sound in solidarity. I, trussed her up in a blanket and stuck one leg, in a snowsuit, and we mingled in the parking lot with all the dogs in the building. Five fire engines came, which caused a ybab to join the dogs in howling.

Had this been a real emergency, well, I forgot the poor cat. Luckily, she can, swim.

2 responses to “February showers bring unpleasant trips to the parking lot”

  1. You, crack me up.

    singing under breath “…Where ya from? You sexy thing…”

    Yeah, that’s gonna leave my head anytime soon.

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