Am I 52% dumber than last year?

I was all worried about that, but then I realized there was a stray USA Today left under my kitchen table by a guest. Once I properly disposed of it, I could do long division again.

The “holidays” bring us new findings, such as the report that I should be feeding a ybab sorbet because she watches people eating. Well, fine. She watches many things, but let’s go with this one. We’ll work up to any courses at all and then worry about palate cleansing. Did I ever tell you of the time I ate smoked lobster foam sorbet with a pickled fiddlehead fern garnish? Perhaps I was inebriated. Dr. Sears wrote to me personally to let me know this is absolutely a good first food for a ybab. She’s knocking back a Trou Normand right now. Bless her little tract!

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