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  1. Do you think, if I grew a beard, a Zellweger would come to me? I shore do need one, although I could do without the random fires.

  2. I have a large and stupid beard I started growing on the first day of autumn.
    my M does not like when I fluff it too it’s full intensity.
    I will grow said beard until the first day of spring, for I am male and these ideas appeal to me.
    I have been reading your posts, semi-regularly but have been too lazy to post a comment.
    Until now when you mentioned beards.
    My little googootz turns one in a few days!
    that means You are also closer to the first year of baby.
    this one has a much better sense of humor than the first one, who turns 7 in a few weeks.
    In short life is sweet.

    take care

  3. inhale – wow, one! I bet she is a doll. Mine is blowing raspberries and spinning in a circle.
    Hmm, maybe I should encourage a beard after all, as I am curious to see what it would do by spring. The last time was more about short-lived comedic value. It got us kicked out of a car dealership for shiftlessness.

  4. rat dang it, the link to the video doesn’t work (redirects me to your main page). i saw the pix of your daughter when she was a fresh baby, though. both your girls are beauties!

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