An update on the carpet: breaking news

First, it is not so much a carpet as an area rug that was liberated from the Crate & Barrel outlet for $19.

Second, it is not so much bloodstained as adorned with a quarter-sized splotch of cat barf.

Third, rather than clean it, I am going to take it to be burned.

Fourth, the cat is going into regurgitation rehab if this keeps up. In Wyoming, or some other place that’s very far away.

2 responses to “An update on the carpet: breaking news”

  1. Look at your own blog from time to time. The Google ad of the day is “Sears Carpet Cleaning.” Sears can make that $19 rug sparkle like new, and they will also kill your cat and make it look like an accident. They did this for a neighbor of mine once.

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