And then what happened?

I’m glad you asked. A ybab and I went through the drive-thru at the drugstore to get drugs. Then we went to the deli to buy a lot lot of booze. The deli was mostly out of booze! They are going to convert to a cafe soon. I forgot to RESERVE PIE NOW, and I was all prepared to grub one of their extra pies, but they didn’t have any pie at all. That’s OK, I can’t eat it anyway.

But I can drink a pie! Here is the annual Free Recipe Giveaway.

Apple Pie
1 part Harpoon Winter Warmer
1 part Cider Jack or other cider. I actually prefer Magner’s.

Then I saw a person to whom I was recently introduced. I see this person everywhere now, yet we have no deeper relationship than the first meeting. Hi, hi! Helllooo.

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