What we did on Bastille Day

In this frame, a baby was amused by Anderson Cooper’s hair.

Last night, the baby went to a wedding. She wore a fetching outfit and slept in a sling all night, meaning I got to eat with both hands. Other babies in attendance loudly disgraced themselves during the toast, and Mr. H leaned over and whispered “not mine!” A baby only become upset when she was getting her diaper changed in the bathroom of one of the guest suites in the sprawling home where the wedding took place. We realized she was crying because we don’t have heated towel racks at home. It’s OK, that makes me cry too.

4 responses to “What we did on Bastille Day”

  1. Sometimes I cry when I think about cork flooring. Sometimes I cry when I think that Anderson Cooper should pay more attention to me.

  2. david: I actually have cried about cork flooring. Anderson Cooper has a lot on his plate without you being Selfish McSelfishson.

    aaron: maybe that was her problem.

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