More human every day

We have a table! No more hunkering on the couch with our gruel. Eat at table, like people. The table weighs several hundred pounds, and it arrived on the roof of a car because SOMEONE thought this would be easier then paying a paltry sum for delivery. I prefer to pay other people to do difficult things for me. Me hates hassle. I cooked SOMEONE and his father wheat pasta with many different kinds of chard to stave off the heart attacks they nearly sustained lugging that thing down the hall.

Today in teeth: I went to the dentist, and this has already been the most pleasant part of the day. I do enjoy Russian dentist. He hums, and I fall asleep. He told me the parasite would become very interesting around the age of 3. I said that sounds about right. Is there a farm I can send it to until then? Somewhere out in the country with lots of other parasites to play with.

Today in cats: Just because you didn’t like hummus the last 17,000 times you sniffed it doesn’t mean this time won’t be different. It’s called hope, or possibly Walnut Brain.

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