Consider your options

Consider your options

I can say nothing intelligent about port security, abortion rights (Roe support petition), religious riots, torture, or just about any other thing. I have a headache, and there is an error retrieving XML called “undefined.” And another idiot can’t clear her cache. That’s not a euphemism for constipation. Someone genuinely refuses to believe that a browser would trick her like that, so clearly I must not have uploaded the changes.

Instead I will tell you that I’ve been having crippling anxiety dreams. In the last one, I was working at an upscale dog salon/function room, and I had to do set up for a dog Bar Mitzvah. I didn’t know which accessories to set out, so I set them all out. I got yelled at anyway. I woke up with a foot in my bladder, a cat on my head, and a sense of impending doom.

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