You’ll forgive me

Mr. H is going to be late tonight! I said “Ok, as long as you aren’t dating the toothless girl.” This is a joke. The toothless girl is already busy dating the baby daddy of a relative. He can stay away as long as he wants, toothless girl or not. I’m still mad about his over-zealous sanding of a freshly painted large expanse of wall. Sure, the plaster may have been slightly uneven, but now it is still uneven but also leprous and in need of another coat of paint. Sand before paint! Before! Antes! A priori! People have offered to help us move, which is great, but burly Irishmen are taking care of that part. Paint my bathroom instead.

Anyway. My mother is in town until tomorrow. This morning she cleaned the tub with the toilet brush rather than ask me where the tub brush might live. Good luck, future tennants! I wore socks and shoes in the shower. Then we went to IKEA, and I bought curtains for thirteen cents or whatever curtains cost there. If you need me, I’ll be swearing.

2 responses to “You’ll forgive me”

  1. Once, in college, I had to clean the tub with an ice-scraper borrowed from a friend’s car. This was because the tub had not been cleaned in months.

    The memories of filth are so strong that I’m thinking about going to clean my tub right now.

    Nah, I’ll have a snack.

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