How do other people do it?

Internet pets, I have such poor stress management skills these days. No wine + no pills + not even freaking Nyquil make Hulk ill-equipped to handle paperwork or daily upset and challenge.

How dare someone want me to do work? How dare my insurance agent be out of the office? How dare my accountant send me a bill? How dare Saab continue to assert that I need a Subaru part? How dare “Kevin” at Subaru not know which part fits a Saab? OMGWTFBBQ Subaru is no longer even remotely a part of GM. I think Toyota owns those shares in Fuji Heavy Industries now. That makes the Saabaru the 2005 Tar-Baby of GM. My pappy once told me “Never buy GM.” Of course he’s also doing a gout cure he found on the internet when he doesn’t even have gout, but we trashpick advice around here as we see fit.

I told Saab to send my file to legal to get me the hell out of the lease. There was hemming and hawing, and then I can’t believe I did this, but I used the “We have a baby on the way, we can’t be expected to drive it around in a car with a broken windshield!” line. Oh, breederism. So loathsome, but apparently effective in this case because Phone Lady said “Oh! I’ll get that right over with a note then.” It doesn’t matter that the car would fail inspection, apparently I can drive it all the livelong day, but THINK OF THE CHIRREN!

Didn’t I write a book last year with a Moose? It was about this time last year, because my Media Bistro membership is expiring. IIRC. LOL. I think I was supposed to be famous by now, but we never got around to actually mailing it to the agent. That’s OK. I’ve met so many more horrible people this year. I could do a sequel in my sleep.

Hearing goes mono, hearing goes stereo. Oh…and back to mono.

3 responses to “How do other people do it?”

  1. I got the oil changed today in my Toyota just like that. It was so fancy-fancy they even had WiFi in the waiting room and Oprah on the tee-vee. She was interviewing some sort of pornography star, and they showed a commercial of her interviewing experts on Osama bin Laden. Oprah can really do it all.

  2. Oh, if I’d known you needed an oil change, I’d have gotten yours done yesterday when I had mine done. You should have told me! I wish I could do it like Oprah. She’d just buy GM and dismantle them.

  3. I need to get new wipers for M’s car. But I’m not doing it. She also wants me to get myself a new phone. To spite her, I’m sticking with the broken one.


    Instead, I’m drinknig enough for both of us! hahahah!

    Once you have gestated I will bring you champagne. Or whatever. Your pick.

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