The contract for my landscape commission arrived today. I am supplying the work to a posh new law office, but there is an art consultant who is actually buying the painting from me, having it framed, and being a general nuisance. The consultant lady is a real piece of work. I won’t use the word “Gorgon” or offer any further description until after I have been paid. Ahem.

When you have dinner with the devil, you must eat with a really long spoon!

Speaking of satan, the path of my life is strewn with cow pies from the devil’s own flatulent herd. Shooting for My Little B Movie has quickened because one of the lead actresses is “in a situation”. I am scheduled for three nights of shooting this turkey, this week alone. I am dealing with this by drinking steadily throughout the shoot. By the time we fumble and fuck-up our way to a 2am wrap, I am shouting “I Hate this Movie, I Hate This Movie”, to the delight of all!

I am trying to get a gig painting in the Netherlands for 6 months. If this does happen, it will Ciao Boston very soon. I am listening to Styx’s “Come Sail Away” for luck.


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