All Aboard for Fun Time

I am going to scoop Licketysplit by informing you all that she is a concubine of Satan. Yes, she is the devil’s mistress, his bilious booty-call. I am sorry to bear such tidings, but it is true. At this very moment she has a bat sleeping upside down above her very marriage bed. She claims to be calling the Animal Rescue League, but I think it is a ruse to lure the dog-catcher into her Trap-hole.

I made some very successful cupcakes last week, and today I am going to try my hand at cupcake lasagnas. I am thinking there are lots of foods that could be prepared and served in cupcake form. A whole new world is opening to me.

I don’t often let anyone into my studio while I am working. I hate to spoil the notion that my work emerges from a cloud of drunken vapor, heralded by angels, while I lay on a fainting couch overcome with sleep deprivation and opium horrors. Because I know that’s what you all thought.

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