The world is a shitty place, so fuck it. We most likely will never see anyone with leprosy and we can buy scratch tickets, so fuck it. Our president is a misunderestimated maniac who thinks a spray of bullets does more to attain peace than famine aid, so fuck it. But you’ll still die poor, so fuck it. Ever since the planet was industrialized, we lost our sense of purpose, so fuck it. We are no longer human, so fuck it. Artists are automatic failures, so fuck it. You can’t move those who are innured to suffering or insulated in their wealth, so fuck it. It is almost impossible to find love in world that is either dominated by misfortune or self-involvement, so fuck it. The poor are animals and the rich are criminals, so fuck it. My hair looks great, so fuck it. This is not a bitter rant, so fuck it. The world is beautiful, so fuck it. Help is never going to arrive, so fuck it.

I am the only one who showed up to work today, so i am going to read the funny paper. FUCK IT.


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