Like it’s my job

I spent an hour yesterday making a Flash movie of belts opening and shutting. Now, that should sell the hell out of some belts. Or not. Did I mention I work by the hour? Therefore it is not in my best financial interest to dissuade clients from some of the more retarded things they want. I usually do though, because I have some shred of decency. I must have been a buddha in a past life. That buddha did something horrible, like covet a handbag at Saks, and here I am. I’ll never get that hour of my life back, but that hour has transmuted into overpriced jeans and the Nouvelle Vague CD, which is splendid.

I realized I have wasted most of my summer working on some truly awful projects. I’m the girl who can’t say no. Although I did spend last weekend in New Hampshire for a bachelorette party. The things that go on! I am sworn not to repeat any of it, but clearly I am not the only one who can’t say no. I did take a weensy bit of video. It may have to return for National Underwear Day, but I think I need to make people sign releases first. All this buildup about NUD, and have I even started what I was planning on making? No. Because I am an idea person, not an action person. Unfortunately, both Lambchop and I are idea people. Consultants!

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