A Day in the Life of a Scrivener

No one ever talks to me here.

Save the occasional directive from my boss.

As he scuttles by my desk and burrows in his office.

But Today

I was cheerfully addressed with some small talk

By a suited gentleman in the elevator

I was grateful.

He had toilet paper streaming from the back of his trousers

I thought “I should tell this nice man and spare him further embarrassment”

The grand atrium lobby was teeming with office workers. It was an ice cream party.

I stopped him before he could enter with his paper streamer

My information made him appear stricken and humiliated

He said “How embarrassing”

I nodded and said “Yes” very sweetly with a glued-on smile and strode off to end the pained moment

I sullied the only friendly interaction I have had here

I should have said

“It happens to everyone”

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