Po’ Boy

ahh yes, the highlights of our Menu at K Pauls

-fresh hot cheddar jalapeno rolls and molasses walnut bread

-Boudin, a sausage stuffed with rice, flash fried into a crispy patty

-bronzed salmon and oyster with a hot walnut sauce

After supper I rolled around the french quarter, taking the obligatory peek at the Girls Gone Wild on Bourbon Street. I only stayed there long enough to down a cosmopolitan while my friend Jim got roped into playing the washboard with the zydeco band in a touristy bar.

I spent all day yesterday working on getting Jim’s possessions into a truck and getting us on the road (ostensibly the purpose of this whole riot). By “working on” I mean that we rose at noon, had a three hour lunch at a great little out of the way seafood place (spicy crawfish stuffing balls!), hit the drive-thru daquiri shack, and then made our way over to the storage lot. Drive-thru Daquiris! Drinking while driving is perfectly legal in New Orleans, and you will see old ladies pull on flasks at stoplights. Drive-thru Daquiris are brilliant! You can also get shots of whiskey at these drive-thrus.

Carting Jim’s stuff was thirsty work and so our friends sent us off afterwards on a sea of Makers Mark. The killer of the evening was something called a Car Bomb. Its a half glass of Guiness with a shot of jamison in it and a shot glass of Baileys. You dump the shot glass of Baileys glass and all into the Guiness and glug the whole thing down in one go. After that, you start talking mistily about the old country and you take bets like “i bet you can’t eat six saltines in sixty seconds”. And I most certainly can’t and trying really hurt. Well, thats New Orleans for you.

Now its San Antonio or bust.


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