Some of you have asked for more information about the “Beacon Hill Cat Lady,” Heidi Erickson. Local papers have quite a few articles detailing her bizarre streak of litigation and run-ins with past landlords and neighbors. Now she wants to get her frozen dead cats back, in case she needs to clone them. I walked by that apartment building every day for the past nine months or so and never noticed anything. Ironically, an upscale pet boutique, Fi-Dough, is also housed in that building. They are not affiliated with the cat lady in any way, and they leave free dog treats in a basket outside the door for the many people walking pets through the neighborhood. Just makes you wonder how many “makeshift chambers of horror” you walk by every day.

Since we are a two-paper town, I’m going to include both Boston Herald and Globe articles, for funny headline comparisons. See if you can guess which is which!

May 2, Cat-alog of complaints: Woman rips purr-loining of immortal mousers, Cat Breeder Fails to Appear at City Hearing

May 1, Beacon Hill cat lady files suit over police raid of apartment

April 30, Impurrfect tenant: Cat woman creates stink, Cat Breeder, Neighbors Often Clashed

April 29, Inspectors find cat ‘graveyard’ in apartment

This would be a great time to rant about people who feel the need to buy purebred animals, but I haven’t got that got kind of energy, and I’m sure no one cares. I know you all secretly want teacup poodles to fit in your Marc Jacobs tote. Basically if a breeder won’t let you come tour their facilities (which a man in one of the articles reported), that’s a huge red flag. Obviously this woman had some kind of a market for her attempts to build a better mousetrap. Look, I could write for the #$@! Boston Herald.

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