I spent the last day of my tour in Dessau, where I visited Walter Gropius’ famous Bauhaus School. The building is amazing. I stood on the very same geometric stairs that Oskar Schlemmer painted! Rows of windows in their aged black steel frames rotate open like horizontal blinds with a chain and pulley, casting deliberate gridded patterns of shadows. Incredible! There I saw photos from the 20’s of suit wearing art students on the balconies of the school, smoking and painting Nagy-like abstractions. Imagine! “What are you studying?” “Well, umm, Bauhaus!”

I also saw the Meister Häuser- the seats of Kandinsky, Klee and Feininger when they ran the School. It is impossible to take a single photo that captures the beauty of the design of these buildings, standing in a row. I stood in awe.


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