He who is handy with Pumice, and other Tales


O Licketysplit! Steele may preside over my table (and so charmingly does he do his napkin folds- like seashells!) but I shall never forget you. After all, it was together that we pelted Culture Club concert goers with melted sweets to test the strength of the candies themselves. It was with you that I huddled under billiard tables or brazenly bore the scrutiny of the police as we cut a sluttish path through the combat zone in quest of snack treats!

I will enjoy Steele’s footrubs and rounds of miniature golf for another week or so, and then my friends may have my attention once more. You really cannot wonder at my current state of absorbtion. He wears cable knit sweaters and gave me ermine socks for my birthday!

steele loves his puppy


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