Entertain meeeee

So while Heather was off having stiff ones forced down her throat, I must have been at the movies. This weekend I saw How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. I expected a candy-coated piece of fluff, but it turned out to be all that and then some! It was entertaining to the nth degree, although don’t think I’m about it review it. Overthinking violates my policy of perpetual amusement! Besides, just like there are those who clean toilets, there are people to write reviews. Like the Times. If you liked Office Space, give this a try. Seriously. It’s the same brand of retardation, with more carbonated pop. Ok, the end was sultifyingly predictable, but such is. There are less fun ways to spend an hour and a half.

Speaking of peppy, a clever reader alerted me to the madcap world of Pokey the Penguin. Love it. Love Pokey.

Now I’ve got to make tracks home through the snow so that I can adequately prepare for the final episode of Joe Millionaire. Every passing day my lust for cheap, thoughtless entertainment grows. I wonder if it’s a new form of depression? Maybe it’s just my patriotic duty. I used to be one of those “oh I don’t have a TV” people, but no more! If I can manage to maintain a trash culture-fueled stupor, I don’t have to think about the REALLY bad things going on. Sometimes if the negative does intrude, I just throw money at the problem! It’s amazing. A well-timed $50 to the humane society or the foodbank really helps the pleasant fog roll back in. (Except never give to WBUR. They’ll hound you every 2 months for the rest of your life. Do I LOOK like I want a tote bag? I finally pretended to be deceased.)

Remember boys n’ girls, thoughtful analysis is for simps! Up with boobies!


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