Sexy back

Well, I am totes in rehab now. You want to know another reason I should be in rehab? The last two times we’ve had sushi, we accidentally dressed the wee uni in a kimono top that day. So insensitive! Actually, Mr. H did that. He ought to be in rehab, not me. But tell that to Oprah. She made me cry, and I promised to go, so here we are.

They issued me a do-rag and these:

And put me to work cleaning the bathroom:

I am all blurry because I am in rehab. Rehab goggles make substance abusers look like even better life partners.

It was a bad day to get bathroom duty. Lindsay Lohan is doing a cleanse. And so we found this in the loo:

I have to go lie down.

4 responses to “Sexy back”

  1. have you lost some weight? you are lookin mad skinny, yo. i almost thought it was someone else for a second! serious-leeeee.

  2. Is optical illusion dog. As baby gets larger, I get smaller! Everyone should try toting one around in a sack for slimming purposes.

  3. Yeah, I’m with Lisa, and I don’t even know you IRL! 😉
    But really, my ybab doesn’t skinn-ify me, so your ybab must be a magic one.

  4. My ybab deprived me of a food group, requires constant motion, and screams at me every time I try to eat. That’s not the ybab I ordered!

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