It’s Totally OK to Hate Me Because I am Beautiful

Hey guess what?  Fuck you!  The Internet says so.  But then it apologizes, sorta.  If you are like me then you have been very busy making sure small paper clips do not get mixed into the cup with big paper clips.*  And also reading encapsulations *about* stupid articles in the Daily Mail.  The above pictured woman wrote a lengthy lament about how beauty has made her life very difficult, along with the occasional free salad.  And she was summarily pilloried, partly because our paternalistic society will not permit female boasting, and partly because people enjoy pummeling a soft, weak, pudgy target.  The internet apologized today for some reason.  Perhaps it has decided that this actually is what passes for beauty in Britain.

We do not take sides, we think you are all pretty unsightly.  You still haven’t learned to check the rear view before setting out.  And you know what else, Fuck You!

And now I must fly in the face of this intolerance of the ladyboast:  I am totally above average in most senses, and care not a whit about who knows it and finds it a bother.  I do take umbrage at my failure to be accorded free salad!

*Fuck you, paperclip!

One response to “It’s Totally OK to Hate Me Because I am Beautiful”

  1. What I want to know after reading her article is where she finds all these homely people to hang out with? She is a GENIUS. I am no longer hanging out with attractive people at all, which shall ensure I am the most beautiful minx in the room.

    Stuff It Saturday!

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