Looking Back

 Everbody has a year end wrap-up these days.  I bet even the toothless prosti that stands out in front of your building in a velour tracksuit has posted a year end review on her fbook.  She has her “likes” and “dislikes” too, dammit. 

It was a banner year for your lambchop, more drama than I have known in years.  But for once, it was not of my creation, so I didn’t even really register it in that way.  Looking back, though, “whoa.”  I started to make a list, but it was too ridiculous.  I may have lost a job and a gallery and a world cup title. My best little pal moved away. I got divorced and had a friend nearly die.  But a lot of good things happened, too.  I am lucky to know talented people who are busy making the world, and existence, bearable.  Sometimes even fun.  Even when Germany loses.

I am making my work and riding around on my bicycle, and that’s really all that I want to do.  I can’t slag on a year too badly at any rate, that was a WORLD CUP YEAR.  So thanks a lot 2010!  At the end of the day, you were what you were. 

It is time to look ahead, to new work that will surely bring us fame and fortune.  To new shoes and hairdos and torn stockings.  Let nothing stand between us and joy.  Or at least medication. We sail optimistically into the future!

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