On preferences

Someone is a Big Girl all of a sudden. No, not me. I remain incompetent. Two nights ago, we thought we would add a second book to bedtime since we got a few for Festivus. A ybab pitched an unholy fit, so we stopped and went for trusty Goodnight Moon. She shrieked and squealed and was riveted as usual. Goodnight mush! No, I really mean it. You have a great night, mush. Who leaves mush out on a bedside table? That sounds like a recipe for botulism.

The next night, we explained that we’d still be reading Goodnight Moon after the new book. She grudgingly tolerated What Shall We Do With the Boo-Hoo Baby (Pickle her! String her up! It’s really hard not to editorialize.), but she also lolled back until she was totally upside down with her foot in her mouth. Then Mr. H picked up the other book and started to read the title. She popped straight up instantly and screeched with glee. I guess we have at least another 750 readings of Goodnight Moon left, each. I’ve tried sneaking in made up verses, and this also doesn’t fly. It wouldn’t be so bad if there weren’t one ridiculously showy identical rhyme. When we’re really vamping at the end, sometimes we read the ISBN and Canadian price.

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  1. Make sure, after reading the Canadian price, you explain the difference between our two monetary systems so she doesn’t grow up thinking that Canadian booksellers are a bunch of highway robbers.

  2. A friend of mine believes good night moon is an examinaton of death and loss.

    Keeping in line with lullabys being creepy and weird.
    Down will come baby cradle and all.
    what the Effe?

    Our little GooGootz slept through the night the other day.
    We woke up in the wee hours and thought something was wrong.
    So I layed there and stressed about work.
    M Layed there and stressed about parenting.

    She hasn’t slept through the night since. That is so kind of her.

  3. David: Canadians are being penalized for all that free healthcare. It’s only fair.

    inhale 13: I make up my own words on that cradle one. How terrifying indeed. Goodnight Moon is scary too, but she seems to like it. Goodnight nobody. Tricksy babies and their sleeping or not sleeping. We have sleep again, after having no sleep, but before that there was sleep. And so on.

  4. Think positive, at least there aren’t that many words… Also try Goodnight Gorilla… Even fewer words… And in a pinch, the DVDs work great for naps…


  5. Oh, I am not unhappy about reading Goodnight Moon. We can both recite it from memory if needed, so there’s no longer much reading involved. I am rather tickled that she expresses preferences. Ask me about that last bit again when she’s 4.

  6. You are cracking me up! I also HATE the identical rhyme. I have even tried to change it but it just doesn’t work right.

    A recipe for botulism… you kill me…

    ~Devon (Korin’s friend, devonc @ MDC)

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