Housing situation still non-pleasurable. Living in hotel for another few weeks or so. Back story complicated and irritating. Short version: flood, munged up utilities, possible negligence on part of builder, city, who knows. Parasite due to arrive: whenever she wants, at this point.

But but but but….I do not have this Disgusting and Terrifying Skin Disease! SRSLY. Read that article, watch the video, visit the foundation’s website, and prepare to think about never touching another surface again.

2 responses to “Homigod”

  1. Yet another reason to avoid Texas. I stopped reading after it sounded suspiciously and disgustingly like some “X-Files” black-oil-type infestation.

  2. Snopes hasn’t weighed in yet on whether or not this is a hoax. But Texas is deserving of plague, so I’ll totally go along with it being real. Killer bees never developed sufficiently for my taste.

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