On bad ideas

A few years ago, Mr. H and I worked on an account for a client called eYak!. The interCapping alone should allow you to pinpoint the chronology firmly in the Mesozoic era, or 1999-2000. They had a snappy slogan, something like “Powering the Power of the Wicked Powerful Internet.” This was later changed to “The Soft Side of Voice.” Not making that up. The flagship product was some VoIP* kludge for sharing presentations, called, I dunno, eConnect4Connections or something. OK, eSee Conferencing. They had another product tailored to the consumer market.

It was called the Bud-eYak.

I just checked the ol’ site out with the Wayback Machine, but sadly they do not preserve the excessive DHTML or the three minute Flash intro.

Sometimes I hear it in my dreams.

“Hiiii, Bob, I see the numbers on my screen now!”

“Looks like a GRRREAT quarter for you, Peter!”

We had to do it in French and Spanish as well.

Now a better idea: Tonight is Pizza Night! No yakking at all.


*which they relentlessly pronounced “VOYP”

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