She is very famous in some fetish video

No, not Heather! Hee hee. These ladies have some very special talents. Probably not work safe, but no nudity.

“So, farting is hard she said, but every girl enjoy farting in room.” So true! Yes, it’s a Japanese farting fetish video series, and the many descriptions are all written in delightful Engrish. I laughed til I cried!

Ok, on that note, or some other note entirely, I’m off to have lunch at Legal Sea Foods. I will be sure to get the fried clams. Or perhaps some other tasty mollusk. At any rate, I’m going to insist on opening them with my teeth.

“She want to fart in outside, She said that “If I fart in public, I will be good..because most of all ladies wants to fart in anyplace perhaps…”.”


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